Data Crypto

Protect your files now!

How does it work?

This software protects your documents from data theft and prying eyes. It requires no installation and is compatible with the Windows operating system. Just download and run it, drag a file, enter a password and all content becomes unreadable and protected! You can drag it back, re-enter the password and the file becomes clear and readable again!

Sandboxed content

You can view the contents of the protected file also in memory (sandbox) so that it is not written to hard disks or USB sticks, but is only opened to copy or read the content. No bytes or traces of content are written to disk! You can use it on a friend's work computer without any problems!

Magic Numpad

Maximum security with a keypad that moves the characters each time you enter the password. Use only the mouse to enter the password so as not to leave a trace in the event of a keyboard logger (Anti keylogger).

Do you want a strong password but can't remember it? Put it in a file!

Do you want to ensure maximum protection of your files with a complex but difficult to remember password? Then create an anonymous or misleading file and enter your password as long as you like, save it in a folder that only you know about on your PC or on your USB stick and select it every time you are asked for the password. You will have the highest level of protection!


With the 'Global Password' function you can enter the password only once for all your files for both encryption and decryption. It will become easier and faster to work on your files.

Zero costs / Freeware

This application is intended for common use for all your needs. For personal data, for school, for work. No costs totally free!

No installation

Download the software now, move it to your desktop, when you start your PC, to your USB stick to use it wherever you want. No installation is necessary. It can be started on any PC!

In your USB!

Copy the 'DataCrypto.exe' file to your USB stick! Use it on your PC, at school or at work!

DataCrypto Software.No installation required, launch it from any device, without leaving logs or files of your data

Advanced Numpad. Enter your password without a keyboard with just a few clicks! or select your anonymous file with your password

Sandboxed content. View the protected file in memory without leaving a trace on the hard disk, you will be able to temporarily see the contents of a text or image

Download NOW!
Version 5.0
(Windows 32/64bit)

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Data Crypto

Imagine having files with sensitive data, documents with confidential contents and for some reason they are stolen, all your contents could be available to attackers! Use Data Crypto and protect all your data now! Portable and bootable on a USB stick or on your desktop without the need for installation, quick and easy. With one pass, all content will be encrypted with the AES256bit algorithm. Try it now!

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